NERIC Academy a  co-educational residential school established in 1999 AD with the motto of "Quality Education for Holistic Development" is dedicated to impart the value-based education with the team of intellectuals involved in different academic sectors and having a long experience in academic field. Needless to say, NERIC, a pioneer educational institute, has always been striving to accomplish its determined objective to cater quality education and guidance to its aspirants. Since its establishment it has made giant leap in its field of education as well as sports too which can be evaluated by the tremendous success. NERIC mosaic of academic as well as extra curricular activities and fresh educational packages NERIC has addressed the students' aspirations and timely needs which they opt for as per time situation and the changing scenario.


School has true vision of inculcating a sound human formation, for the total development of the whole person, making the students, staff and parents well integrated person, spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally and culturally, helping them become aware of their own dignity and destiny, the responsibility for the right use of liberty, well equipped and ready to collaborate with others with in the building up of a just society and nation.

Our Vision is to prepare students for global participation by encouraging them to become responsible, reflective and empowered learners. We envision that our graduate leaves the school with:

  1. A balance of fundamental skills and a set of spiritual and moral values.
  2. Patience and respect for others.
  3. A strong self-esteem and high personal expectation.



We provide the quality education to our student through a variety of teaching method s and materials both inside and outside the classroom. Beside to lectures, our methods include debates, drama, discussions, role-playing, group and co-operative learning.

  • Analytically problem solving skills - handling problems in a logical way without facile or emotional judgments.
  • Multi-cultural skills and abilities to deal with people of different cultural backgrounds - great urgency in the era of globalization that brings different people together in the same environment. Resources include internet, charts, maps, audio and video recordings, posters etc.


The volumes of homework are set as per school Homework Policy that is in consonance with the student’s skill, level and age. We believe that homework is not looking back at what has been learnt. Rather it is further exploration of a subject that has been introduced to a child.


Every student a: NERIC is required to attend at least 90% of the total classes run in an academic year.

Examination and Assessment:

The academic session is divided into four terms; Fortnightly assessments are given to keep a track of the student’s Performance. We use both formative and summative evaluation methods to ensure overall and fair judgment of the students.

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